Kitten saved after flushed down toilet

Published: Aug. 20, 2016 at 5:13 PM CDT
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Ford County Fire and EMS handle all types of emergency calls, but this week, one call for help was anything but ordinary.

Rob Boyd, Ford County fire chief said he was surprised when they received the call, "We looked at each other and we were't sure but we said sure lets give it a try."

Kristin Schmitz had called the fire department when she realized one of her kittens was missing, "All of a sudden we hear this meow meow meow, and I said it sounds like it's coming from under the floor."

That's when Kristin said she knew her four-year-old son Braxton had flushed the kitten down the toilet.

It took the team of of firefighters and plumbers nearly two hours to finally get the month-old orange tabby now called "Miracle" out of the pipes.

Kristin said it took Miracle a bit to recover from the incident, "I cried, I thanked them so much because they went way above and beyond."

Boyd said they're happy to know the kitten is safe, but they'd like to remind people of how easy incidents like this can happen, "Whatever the object may be if it'll go through the hole at the bottom of the toilet it can be flushed so just keep that in mind."