Kansas woman warns of potential scam buying concert tickets

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WICHITA, Kan. -- A Kansas woman is warning others not to fall for a scam that almost lost her $1,400 while buying concert tickets for her and her family.

Janel Dysinger, a Backstreet Boys fan, says she tried ordering tickets on the Intrust Bank Arena's website. The Backstreet Boys are coming to Wichita in August, and tickets went on sale Feb. 14.

"I got online at 12:01 p.m., that's when we were told the tickets were going to go on sale. So we had previously seen them in Omaha, my sister and my cousin and I went and loved them. So, when we heard they were going to Wichita, we were hands down going," said Dysinger.

But, unfortunately, the website wouldn't work for her.

"I kept getting kicked out, and with getting kicked out, more sections every time that I went back in to go purchase tickets had obviously been sold out so I was just like 'okay, well I have to get tickets,'" said Dysinger.

She continued, "I saw an ad on the TV for Seatgeek a couple days ago, and went to them and purchased the tickets right away and had no problems."

Dysinger said after purchasing the tickets, she noticed $240 worth of fees on her receipt that she didn't anticipate and wanted to contact the company. So, she googled "Seatgeek support," and found what she thought was a customer service number and website. But, she soon realized, it was a scammer behind a fake website.

She said the man behind the fake website told her he cancelled the order and would refund her money if she gave him $700 for new tickets.

"The longer we kept them on the phone, the more questions my sister and I kept asking. By the time he had told me, 'you need to trust us', he was like almost yelling into the phone," said Dysinger.

The Better Business Bureau lists Seatgeek as a legitimate company and it warns buyers to be careful when searching for customer support numbers. Representatives at Intrust Bank Arena said the safest way to purchase tickets for their events is to go directly through their website or purchase tickets at the box office.