Kansas woman: Someone offered to trade dog for her baby

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KANSAS CITY, Kan. (KWCH) -- A Johnson County woman thought a stranger in a Target store was joking when she offered to trade a dog for her baby.

When the stranger started walking off with the woman's infant daughter, she realized it wasn't a joke.

Rachel Youngs was shopping in the baby section when the woman with the dog walked up to her and complimented her baby. Then, she offered up the trade.

Youngs said she thought the woman was joking and let the stranger hold her baby - but immediately regretted it. Youngs said the woman offered to be her baby's godmother and started asking intrusive questions.

"She says, 'Just so you know, I was arrested for attempted kidnapping.' That's when I was like, okay you know what, there's something wrong. All of a sudden, she starts walking off with my daughter. I yelled to her, I said, 'I need my baby back, please. Give me my baby back!'" Said Youngs.

The mother called police but police say since she let the woman hold her baby, it's not technically kidnapping.

Police say they will monitor the woman who tried to walk off with the baby.