Kansas road rankings go down as fatalities go up

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) A new report says fatal crashes along Kansas highways are hurting the state's overall road rankings. 

Reason Foundation released findings from their 24th Annual Highway Report today, ranking Kansas as #6 in cost-effectiveness and condition. 

Previously, Kansas was #2 -- falling four spots in the past year. 

The Foundation said while Kansas is still a top-performing state when it comes to highways, rankings were hurt by high rural and urban highway fatality rates.

The study was comprised of data from 13 categories looking at the state's highway system. 

Kansas ranked in the top 10 for interstate pavement condition, 25th in structurally deficient bridges and 33rd in the overall fatality rate. 

The report gave North Dakota top honors while listing New Jersey as having the worst highways.