Kansas lawyers against proposed business protections from COVID-19 lawsuits

Published: May. 20, 2020 at 10:11 PM CDT
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The Kansas Trial Lawyers Association has spoken out against proposed business protections during the state's re-opening.

would prevent businesses from being sued from someone who contracts COVID-19 and wants to hold a business liable.

KTLA President David Morantz has gone before the Judiciary Committees for both the state Senate and the House, and opposed possible immunities for businesses.

"Kansas courts do an excellent job of protecting Kansas citizens and businesses, even during a State of Disaster Emergency," Morantz said. "Immunity laws are unwarranted, unnecessary, and unfair because they permit special treatment for certain groups or individuals, allow government to pick winners and losers, and limit legal accountability."

He says they strip Kansans of their right to trial and provide no substitute to seek justice.

"Some immunity laws, including the proposals being discussed now are unconstitutional in Kansas because they do not provide an adequate substitute remedy and because they retroactively limit Kansans’ vested rights," Morantz said.

Morantz even goes as far as to call the proposals unconstitutional and rebukes the thought of protecting corporations over workers.