Kansas lawmakers praise Pompeo's nomination for Sec. of State

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) — Kansas lawmakers in Washington are praising President Donald Trump’s decision to nominate their former colleague to be the nation’s top diplomat.

On Tuesday, President Trump announced he tapped CIA Director Mike Pompeo to replace Rex Tillerson as Secretary of State. Prior to taking over in Langley last year, Pompeo represented Kansas’ 4th District in the House of Representatives.

Sen. Pat Roberts applauded the choice, saying “Mike Pompeo has always answered the call to serve” and cited his fellow Republican’s military career. Pompeo graduated from West Point and went on to patrol along the Berlin Wall and served in the Gulf War.

“Shown by his leadership as CIA Director and 4th District Congressman, Kansans and all Americans can be proud he will lead our nation as Secretary of State,” Roberts continued. “His military and intelligence background will serve him well to lead the State Department, and I look forward to work my Kansas colleague in this new capacity.”

Roberts, along with former Kansas Senator Bob Dole, had introduced Pompeo last January during his confirmation hearing for the CIA directorship.

Dole also tweeted that he is "very proud of my friend and fellow Kansan Mike Pompeo."

"Mike continues to serve and be a valuable asset to our nation & I couldn't think of a better nominee," he said. "My best to you and your wonderful family."

Sen. Jerry Moran tweeted he "looked forward to working with him to advance our interest around the globe." Additionally, he thanked Tillerson for his principled service to the country.

Second district Representative Lynn Jenkins piled on the praise and called attention to immediate challenges Pompeo would face:

“With crucial negotiations on the horizon, it is essential the State Department be led by someone as intelligent and energetic as Mike Pompeo. Having known and respected Mike for many years, I know his dedication to this country is irreproachable and am so proud of the work he has done both in Congress and as Director of the CIA. I look forward to continuing to work with him in his new position, and I am confident he will serve the American people well as we work to maintain our status as a beacon of democracy and leader of the free world.”

The man who replaced Pompeo in Congress, Rep. Ron Estes, tweeted about his predecessor’s selection, calling it an “excellent choice.”

“Kansans already know and trust Mike's leadership and I'm confident he will represent us well abroad. I wish him and his family the best as he begins this next phase of service to our nation,” he added.

Rep. Roger Marshall, who represents the 1st district, tweeted that Pompeo is a “proven leader.”

“As Sec. of State I know he will serve with honor and integrity as he has done for our military, Kansas, and the @CIA,” he continued.

Rep. Kevin Yoder pointed out that, if confirmed, Pompeo would be the first Kansan ever to serve in that role.

“We are grateful for his continued service to our country,” he tweeted.