Kansas WWII veteran celebrates 109th birthday

Published: Aug. 9, 2019 at 5:52 PM CDT
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Though she says she doesn't feel a day over 50, life experience more than double has left Julia Kabance with plenty of wisdom for younger generations.

Of course, you'll have to listen.

"Oh I can't give them any advice, they wouldn't follow it anyway,” Kabance laughed. “That's a waste of breath."

Kabance is the oldest living member of the Prairie Band Potawatomi Nation.

Friday, dozens came to celebrate her 109 years of life.

"I don't feel any older. I just can't believe it,” Kabance said. “I feel like I somebody that was about 50."

Years filled with service to her country, and to others.

In 1942, Kabance enlisted in the Army at age 33, serving stateside as World War II raged on overseas.

She never married, but rather dedicated her life to volunteering with the Catholic Church and a career in civil service.

With a century-plus of life in her back pocket, Kabance has a story or two — and more than a few pieces of wisdom — to share.

“Brotherly love doesn't just appear,” Kabance said. “It's something I think you're brought up with from your childhood. The things you learn in childhood usually stay with you all your life. I know it has with me."

For Kabance, it means fiercely living for the principles you believe in.

"If it isn't politics, it's brotherly love, or church, or school,” she said.

13 NEWS first introduced you to Kabance back in May. Then 108-years-old, she told us about life in WWII and why she chose to stay unmarried her entire life. Read that story,