Kansas State Board of Education members, learn there are many layers to human trafficking

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TOPEKA (WIBW)-- State officials want Kansans to know, there's not just one face of a person being exploited by human trafficking.

Jennifer Montgomery, with the Kansas Attorney Generals Human Trafficking Division gave a presentation to the Kansas State Board of Education about the tough reality many students go through in the age of social media.

She says it's not just the streets or online, the recruitment process starts in schools by their peers.

Red flags may include sexually explicit messages, or a controlling boyfriend or girlfriend.

Montgomery says trafficking also isn't just a problem in big cities.

"As I mentioned, it's not just our state, it's all over the country. Any place that you have access to the internet. When I travel across the state and give presentations and do educational training, we talk about that it's not just an urban issue," Montgomery said.

The top five cities for human trafficking are Columbus, Ohio, Miami, Florida, Houston, Texas, Atlanta, Georgia and the District of Columbia.