Kansas Safe Haven law designed to protect infants under 60 days old

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MANHATTAN, Kan. (WIBW) - Kansas’ Safe Haven Law is intended to protect newborn children from potential injury and death caused by abandonment.

New parents may realize they are not capable of properly caring for their newborn, in some cases, this, unfortunately, leads to the child not being properly cared for or injured.

“If a newborn mother…a new mother finds that she can’t take care of her child, within that first 60 days and that’s one of the key elements of it, the child has to be 60 days are younger, they have a way of leaving the child in an appropriate place, consequence free.” Riley County Police Department, Capt. Josh Kyle says.

The Safe Haven Law was designed to allow parents of newborn children to surrender their child to a location that has been approved as a “Safe Haven”

In Kansas, Safe haven locations include: hospitals, fire stations, police stations, and city or county health departments.

But the infant must be left when staff are present at that location, and the infant must be unharmed.

If you have questions about the Kansas Safe Haven law, contact the Kansas Children's Service League website for more information.