Kansas Expocentre renovations set to begin next month

TOPEKA, Kan, (WIBW) -- Shawnee Co. commissioners approved the official total construction costs Monday for the Kansas Expocentre renovations.

HTK Architects' Zach Sneeden estimated it would run $35-$36 million. The Kansas City based construction company, McCown Gordon, said the project which totals $48 million with design and preliminary work will include features on the inside such as new seating.

“Video scoreboards and video ribbon boards around the arena,” Sneeden added. “New sound and lighting through the facility. Greatly enhanced opportunities for color changing lighting with the new LED technologies that exist.”

There will also be major changes to the outside.

“So, the white box that we know that we’ve known for the last 30 years will have a face lift that’s doing two things. It will improve the street appearance to it, but it will also address some leaks and other kind of building envelope issues that we’ve seen over the years,” Sneeden explained.

However, many people are disappointed the final plans leave out expansions to the equine building.

“It’s very disappointing that a lot of the very nice pretty things that you’re going to make for the big building it seems to me is as the expense for the equine facility,” equestrian Barbara Hoffer said.

Construction is expected to begin in May and should finish by May of 2021.