Hundreds of Kansas bikers surprise two-year-old at birthday party

Published: Jun. 25, 2017 at 10:37 PM CDT
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Hundreds of motorcyclists revved their engines to pull off a big surprise for a young boy in Manhattan Sunday.

"It was amazing what happened," said biker Mike Cravens.

Ashley Baldwin says there are few things her son Sawyer loves more than motorcycles.

"It's in his blood," said Baldwin.

So for his second birthday, she wanted to surprise him with a few of his favorite things.

"I was like 'Well let's maybe get 10 to 20 people here while were out here at the splash park," said Baldwin.

She never expected what was in store.

"I think there was about 300 people that came out," said Baldwin.

Baldwin made a Facebook event to help get the word out. Motorcyclists met up at a nearby parking lot, before heading to Sawyer's party.

"When the first club came in I was surprised, and then once everyone started filling in and we filled the parking lot up I was amazed," said Mike Cravens, who helped get the word out to bikers across Northeast Kansas.

On Sunday, 296 bikes and dozens of trucks road through Manhattan to wish Sawyer a happy birthday.

"He was out giving handshakes, and high fives in the middle of the road," said Baldwin.

"The whole sport of the motorcycle community is 'the family that's in the wind.' We come together for great causes like this, and that's what it's all about," said Cravens.

Sawyer was given his own biker vest from the Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association, along with his own motorcycle donated by Midway Bar & Grill.

"The gift I enjoyed the most and I think he enjoyed the most is just everybody being here," said Baldwin.

A celebration, an entire community will never forget.