Kansas 1st District candidates meet in forum

(WIBW) - Party lines drew fire as candidates in Kansas' 1st Congressional district went head to head.

Republican incumbent Roger Marshall and Democrat Alan LaPolice answered questions from the KWCH-TV studio.

While Marshall said he's made an effort to build relationships with all members of Congress, LaPolice called Marshall "part of the divide."

On immigration, LaPolice said congress should not afraid to address the humanitarian issues around it. He also noted the importance of migrant labor.

Marshall said immigration policy should prioritize people who can take care of themselves and their families, but added the U.S. needs to have secure border.

The exchange became heated on the topic of whether to legalize marijuana.

Marshall says, for him, the answer is no.

"I have no use for marijuana. I’ve seen too many lives ruined," said Marshall, who is a physician. "I think it is basically a gateway to more drugs. It’s a huge problem. There’s little if any medical science to say it would help any."

LaPolice pounced on the answer.

"That’s a spectacularly biased decision there," he said. "As a doctor, you say there’s absolutely no medicinal benefits to it. Then why are there federal patents on it? Why is the state of Kansas doing all kinds of research? Why is the CDC doing research?"

Both candidates put agriculture among their top priorities.

When asked about bridging the divide, Marshall noted living among people from both sides of the aisle, and said he worked to build a relationships with each individual member of Congress.

LaPolice says there's not time to introduce yourself to every single member, and called Marshall extremely partisan in the legislation he supports.

The general election is Nov. 6.