Kansans get tax help from artificial intelligence

Published: Feb. 22, 2019 at 6:25 PM CST
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Kansas WebFile, the state’s full service online tax filing portal, has a new feature.

“We were the first state to implement a chatbot within a tax system, and we’re the first state to offer a chatbot of any nature,” Nolan Jones general manager of Kansas Information Consortium said.

Agent Kay, the state’s 24/7 official chatbot, can help you file your tax return online.

“And it provides them a better experience with dealing with the government and some like taxes they don’t want to be in there very long. They just want to get their filing done,” Jones said.

Jones said Agent Kay is simple to use. All you need to do is type a question in the designated area.

“They can write it any way they want it. It uses natural language, so you don’t have to use the magic terms,” he explained.

Once a question is asked the chatbot answers almost immediately.

“It’s a type of technology that allows interactions with a computer, but in a very human way,” Jones said.

The artificial intelligence can answer hundreds of questions, and Jones said it’s improving every day.

“We’ve looked at the questions that it’s not able to answer and then we research that out and add that to the system every day,” he added.

Agent Kay can also provide information about other state government services, and many hope it will soon expand its capabilities.

“It’s a fascinating technology. It’s emerging fast, and it’s one we’re going to be monitoring closely because it is so useful for being able to interact with citizens any time, any place, and any way that they want to handle it,” Jones said.

The chatbot can now be accessed on all devices.

More about the service can be found

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