KS GOP candidates for US Senate debate agriculture, rural issues in Kansas

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MANHATTAN, Kan. (WIBW) - Seeking to replace Pat Roberts in the US Senate, five Republican candidates participated in the second of a series of four debates prior to the 2020 primary election.

Candidates, David Lindstrom, Susan Wagle, Kris Kobach, Bob Hamilton and Dr. Roger Marshall held their first debate in hopes of swaying voters ahead of the August Primary.

The top issues were agriculture and rural issues including why younger generations are not staying in rural communities and continuing to farm.

“Young people want to be a part of something bigger than themselves, and the Kansas Ag can do that especially with technology.” KS GOP candidate for US Senate, David Lindstrom says.

“If we have broadband in their home, that’s the biggest need we have right now, and it’s the one need we’re going to have to take on the big interest in order to make sure we can get it successfully done here in rural Kansas.” KS GOP candidate for US Senate, Susan Wagle says.

Kobach mentioned pulling the younger people back to rural areas of Kansas with monetary incentives.

“I believe that there should be federal income tax credits, for people who leave urban areas and move to the country, or graduates, who after going to college decide ‘Yes, I’m going to settle in rural areas.’” KS GOP candidate for US Senate, Kris Kobach says.

Whereas Hamilton, disagreed with having the government intervene in getting younger generations back to the rural areas.

“Our rural communities and cities will thrive, if we get government out of the way with less regulation.” KS GOP candidate for US Senate, Bob Hamilton says.

While Dr. Marshall focused on the economic effects of agriculture on rural Kansas communities.

“Those rural economies are a reflection of that economy, so anything that’s good for agriculture, is going to help stabilize those rural communities.” KS GOP candidate for US Senate, Dr. Roger Marshall says.

The complete video of Saturday’s debate can be found here.