Six Coronavirus cases, one death in Kansas

Published: Mar. 13, 2020 at 12:26 PM CDT
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Kansas has seen its first death from Coronavirus, as the state total of positive cases hits six.

As more COVID-19 cases continue to appear in Kansas, the KDHE said all but one have come from people who have traveled out of state. Meaning so far, they don't believe there is an issue of community transmission.

KDHE Secretary Dr. Lee Norman announced Kansas' sixth positive Coronavirus case on Friday.

He said, "Information became known about another case that we have in the state of Kansas. 72-year-old man who has returned to Kansas from a cruise in the Western Caribbean."

Dr. Norman said the man did not experience any symptoms until after he'd been home a few days. The patient is now being hospitalized in Wichita.

KDHE also released more details about the first death from COVID-19 in Kansas.

"We don't find any particular obvious source of the infection for this person but he was essentially bed bound, so it's obvious the infection came to him," said Norman.

The Wyandotte County man was in his 70's and living at Life Care Center of Kansas City.

Norman said, "I think it's an important part of notifying the public that if visitors or anybody that's had any contact with that Life Care Center of Kansas City, that the information becomes known so we can track back and make sure we do our epidemiological work."

Dr. Norman referenced a nursing home in Washington when discussing their approach to this situation.

He said, "There was a number of nursing home patients and staff both in that facility, and in the community where it started from that nursing home. We have that same concern and we're doing all we can to contain that."

KDHE asks anyone who has visited the Life Care Center of Kansas City recently to call their doctor or contact them at 1-866-534-3463.

KDHE update on the Coronavirus in Kansas

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Posted by WIBW on Friday, March 13, 2020