KCC exploring how tax reform could affect utility rates; Kobach calls for cuts

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) — Republican gubernatorial candidate Kris Kobach says he knows what the state's public utilities should do with any savings from the recently passed federal tax reforms - cut rates.

“Kansas public utilities are about to experience a sizable financial windfall as a result of the corporate tax cut passed by Congress. As these utilities essentially operate as monopolies, the tax cuts should be passed along to Kansans in the form of lower utility rates,” said Kobach.

The Kansas Secretary of State is calling on the utility companies and the Kansas Corpoartion Commission (KCC), the agency tasked with regulating them, to reduce utility rates.

"I hope the Kansas Corporation Commission and utility companies act quickly to make this adjustment,” he said.

But, it looks like the KCC is already ahead of him. The agency told 13 NEWS their Utilities staff "proactively" filed a motion just over two weeks ago to ask the KCC to open a General Investigation and issue an Accounting Authority Order.

"The new federal income tax legislation will create substantial cost savings for the State's public utilities. KCC staff wants to ensure that these cost savings do not become a windfall for public utility investors," a KCC spokesperson said.

The motion is currently under consideration by the agency. The spokesperson did not say when an order would be discussed.

Kobach is among 18 potential candidates who have expressed interest in running for governor.