KBI announces new task force focused on child victims

Published: Dec. 12, 2018 at 9:39 PM CST
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The Kansas Bureau of Investigation opened the doors Wednesday on a new facility dedicated to helping children who are victims of crime.

The facility will be home to the Northeast Child Victims Task Force and it will focus investigative efforts and resources for criminal cases that involve children.

KBI Director Kirk Thompson said the new task force brings together the KBI, Attorney General’s office, the Shawnee County District Attorney and Sheriff's offices, and Topeka Police to help the youngest victims.

“We hope to have a group of resources come together here, and we will support investigations all across northeast Kansas,” Thompson said. “Especially, in the smaller communities that may not have the resources that are necessary to do those kinds of cases."

Attorney General Derek Schmidt said the goal is to protect children.

"The net result is that there are going to be kids who have justice at the end of the day,” Schmidt said. “We hope the net result someday will be that they don't need justice, that we've been able to prevent more of those crimes.”

The new facility will also allow law enforcement to increase the number of cases that the KBI alone could not take.

“Because of the volume of cases that come to us, we have had to limit our acceptance of cases to those what we call a Jessica's law standard, which means someone would do 25 years,” Thompson said. “We hope to bring more people together, work collaboratively as a team and we think we'll be able to do much more with the resources we have."

Schmidt also hopes this leads to similar task forces across the state to provide world class resources to every community in Kansas.