K-State student's car filled with 6,500 Kit Kat

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MANHATTAN, Kan. (WIBW) -- K-State Freshman Hunter Jobbins says he left his car for just a few minutes on Sunday to take some things up to his dorm room, but when he returned, something was missing.

Jobbins returned to find that the Kit Kat bar in his cupholder was missing but in its place was a handwritten apology note scribbled on a napkin.

The note read, "Saw Kit Kat in your cup holder. I love Kit Kats so I checked your door and it was unlocked. Did not take anything other than the Kit-Kat. I am sorry and hungry."

Jobbins said he thought the note was funny so he tweeted a picture of the apology which quickly went viral.

Kit Kat responded to the tweet pledging to replace the missing candy bar. The Hershey company, that manufactures Kit Kat, made good on their promise on Thursday.

They filled Jobbins' car with 6,500 Kit Kat bars to share with other K-State students. Hundreds waited in front of K-State's Haymaker dorm to get their hands on one of the Kit Kats.

"I didn't think the turnout would be like this," said Jobbins. "I thought that maybe 20 or 30 people would be here. So, it's actually really cool that this many people really did see the story and that they're here to get some candy from me."

The Hershey Company said they wanted to make sure that there were enough Kit Kats for all K-State students.

“When we heard about what happened to Hunter, we felt his pain, and we wanted to make sure his next memory involving Kit Kat and his car was a positive one," said Hershey Company Senior Associate Brand Manager Shilpa Gadhok in a statment to 13 NEWS. "So we set out to say ‘thank you’ to Hunter for being a fan and in the process we wanted to make sure that the students at Kansas State all had enough Kit Kat bars to go around."

Jobbins also had some things he wanted to say to the thief that stole his Kit Kat.

"I'd love to just give him a hug for doing all this for me because it turned out to be really cool," said Jobbins.

And while Jobbins said while he has enjoyed the excitement of last week he's looking forward to putting his energy back into his school work.

"I'm going to focus more on school and a little bit less on candy from now on," said Jobbins.