K-State researchers encourage composting

Published: Oct. 23, 2017 at 6:27 PM CDT
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Whether you're raking leaves or trimming trees, experts at K-State say composting will help your yard and the environment.

Residents of Riley County looking to compost can bring their unwanted yard waste or materials to the transfer station, where materials are composed until next season.

Those properties are then sold for landscaping due to their healthy lawn properties.

For those without a transfer station nearby, try composting from home.

Any organic materials like leaves, fruits, vegetables, sticks and grass can be composted.

"The best way to compost materials quickly is by shredding those things up so you can use a lawn mower or any type of equipment that might shred that up and make it compost quicker," K-State Horticulture Agent, Gregg Eyestone, said.

Composting keeps organic materials out of landfills so they have room for actual trash.

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The Riley County Transfer Station is located at 1881 Henton Rd., Manhattan, KS.