K-State Men's Basketball Managers on the big stage

Published: Feb. 22, 2016 at 10:59 PM CST
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Before the Kansas State men's basketball team takes the court another team battles for for school pride.

The men's basketball managers take on other Big 12 schools whether it be at Bramlage Coliseum or on the road.

This isn't a new phenomenon, the K-State managers have been playing at least one game a year for the last three years. But this year the game has really taken off, and now KPI Sports even ranks each team. Currently Kansas is #2 and K-State is #11.

"It's interesting to see how quick it caught on," said Head Manager Jaron Randle. "It's been going on a while but it's kind of funny how it caught a lot of steam and everybody's been paying attention to it."

The managers are there to help the men's basketball team on game day, but they relish the chance to play on the big stage.

"It's really cool to get to play in environments like this and play in all of the big stadiums and just actually feel like we're actually doing what the players do for once instead of just sitting in the background," said Junior Manager Tanner Garver. "

"There's no easy day when you're playing against other managers. We might not be as talented or athletically gifted as the team or our players but we compete just as hard," said Randle. "Guys diving for balls and everybody wants to win. It's like you don't want to go back and tell your team you lost the game. It's fun but you really want to win the game. "