Junction City woman traveling to Texas to help animals in need

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JUNCTION CITY, Kan (WIBW)--- Heart-wrenching photos of animals walking in flooded Texas neighborhoods with no signs of an owner nearby have captivated America’s heart.

Emily Fawcett who runs an animal rescue in Junction City was so moved, she's now headed to Texas to help.

Fawcett says she received multiple messages and calls from people wanting something to be done for the four-legged creatures in Texas.

She says she contacted the animal rescue organization, Safe K-9 Transports and will travel to Katy,Texas Thursday morning to provide first aid help to animals unable to fend for themselves.

Fawcett says she is trained to provide assistance during natural disasters and also went to New Orleans when Hurricane Katrina struck.

She says she appreciates offers to volunteer with her, but that may only add to the chaos.

"There’s so many people that want to help right now and I am so appreciative of that,” said Fawcett. “However, right now in Texas, if you're not experienced or already attached to a group I would say don’t deploy. I would let the first responders and the experts do what they are going to do.”

Fawcett says she plans to stay in Texas for three days and then return for a longer trip within the next two weeks.