Junction City mother upset with USD 475 after student brings airsoft pistol to school

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JUNCTION CITY, Kan. (WIBW) -- A Junction City mother is upset with USD 475 after a student brought an airsoft gun to school Monday.

With recent threats and arrests made at Junction City Middle School, she’s concerned for her kid's safety.

Kimberly Green’s 7th grader, Benjamin, goes there and, on Monday, when he found out a student brought a gun to school, he sent his mom a text immediately.

"I feel like the school didn’t really handle things correctly because there was a possible shooter in our school and there could’ve been a gun and we didn’t go on lockdown teachers had no idea what they were doing. They didn’t know where the shooter was and it was a big mess and all the students were freaking out," Benjamin explained.

Within five minutes Green showed up to the school to pick up Benjamin - the schools doors weren’t locked and she didn’t see any police outside of the resource officer.

Green is concerned the school isn’t taking the threats and actions of students seriously.

"Am I going to be confident to send my child to school tomorrow if I don’t know if this child is going to be in the school tomorrow. If you can’t let me know that you have removed the threat from the building and put that child in a place where he can get the help that he or she can get the help they need," Green said.

Green kept her children out of school and reminded them that

USD 475’s Executive Director of Marketing Mat Droge responded to an email stating, "The school wasn’t locked down due to the extremely short amount of time it took for the airsoft pistol to be recovered."

He went on further to say, "the district is committed to transparency."

Green said it’s not enough.

"These students should be punished more appropriately for it. I’m all for giving students a million chances but once you threaten to hurt someone once you bring a gun into school I feel like all bets are off at that point," she said.