Junction City Firefighter battles fires on duty, a foster parent at home

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JUNCTION CITY, Kan. (WIBW) -- Junction City firefighter Kyle Bergman wanted to battle fire since was a little boy. Now that he’s living his dream he continues to give back to his community as a foster parent.

“I wanted to become a fireman because I enjoy helping people even as a kid. I always wanted and had a drive to help somebody who was in need or be there for somebody who needed help. My father is Greg Bergman he inspired me a lot to be who I am today,” explained Bergman.

Battling fires and saving lives is what Bergman does for a living, but his passion is his family and helping kids in need as a foster parent.

“In my career as a fireman and EMS, helping people it relates to my family as in we want to help,” said Bergman. “We just want to help kids get them out of whatever situation they’re in maybe give them a better situation and give them something they may not have had before.”

In May Bergman and his wife got licensed through DCF to foster children and welcomed two young boys into their home -- now they’ve made them a permanent part of their family.

Bergman said, “They came in and were meant to be a part of the family they fit in perfectly. There was no doubt about it that they were supposed to be with us and we were supposed to adopt them.”

Junction City Fire Chief Terry Johnson said Bergman is a dedicated and reliable member of the team.

“Kyle is a motivated professional that provides excellent service to the community. I call him the quite hero. He’s the one that’s always there, always a part of the team,” explained Johnson.

Bergman plans to be a firefighter until he retires and continue to open his home to as many children in need as he can.

“Our home holds plenty of people, there’s more than enough room so we are going to continue down that path of helping other children and being foster parents,” said Bergman.

Bergman said there are thousands of children in foster care in the state of Kansas, he encourages anyone who can to open their home to a child in need.

If you are interested in becoming a foster parent go to fosterkids.