Jayhawk and Cyclone fans come together to celebrate Big 12 Championship

KANSAS CITY, Mo. (WIBW) -- When speaking with fans about the environment at the Power and Light District, they used words like electric and unreal.

If you were anywhere nearby for the Big 12 tournament, it was easy to tell why.

Michael wheeler – retired kc superman/ku fan :09-:16 “It’s super, it's electrifying," Michael Wheeler, Retired KC Superman and KU fan, said. "I've been coming 11 years straight since its been here. Its' always a fun time to be here."

“I've never seen it so electric," Bryan Shimp, an Iowa State fan, said. "Everything going on, it's got to be 60 percent Cyclone fans here.”

Iowa State fans travel well to the Big 12 tournament. Even KU fans acknowledge the advantage it gives the Cyclones.

“This is basically a home field advantage for them too," Jack Jeronimus, a KU fan, said. "They come to P&L a lot and they have a lot of fandom here.”

“It's kind of humbling to be honest," Chase Carrera, a KU fan, said. "It's kind of annoying walking around seeing Iowa State fans everywhere, but on the same token, you're like, 'Wow! How can you hate fans that are such good travelers?'"

That fan advantage worked out as the Cyclones defeated the Jayhawks to win the Big 12 championship.

All those fans that are still in the area will continue to celebrate that win and St. Patrick's Day weekend.