JEDO approves funding for 3 Topeka business expansions

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TOPEKA, Kan (WIBW)-- On Wednesday, JEDO members voted unanimously to approve incentive funding for three separate expansion projects that could bring more than 250 new jobs to Topeka, over the next five years.

Barbara Stapleton of Go Topeka said the projects are an investment in Topeka’s job market.

"Combined they equal 42. 4 million dollars of capital investment into the community and those are with existing businesses that are growing and expanding and a total of over 275 new jobs within the community."

Many businesses also are investing in new workers with Go Topeka's new "Choose Topeka" program.

The idea behind the program is to bring more young talent to the area, with Go Topeka and businesses teaming up on financial incentives for a new employee to buy or rent a home.

JEDO members heard that the program has drawn more than 3,000 applicants since it was announced last year.

I think what communities do in the state of Kansas in terms of looking at quality of life and quality of space is to make sure the communities where young talent are looking to move are exciting and vibrant and there's exciting things for them where they can see themselves," said Stapleton.