Is Father's Day becoming a forgotten holiday?

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) -- Whether you realize it or not, this Sunday is Father’s Day. New numbers out show 84 percent of people care more about Mother’s Day than Father’s Day.

We wanted to know why there seems to be a disparity between celebrating Mother's Day and Father's Day in the U.S., so we hit the streets to test the statistic.

Topeka resident Kent Hurst is a dad and grandpa, and said he’s lucky if he gets a dinner out with family for the holiday.

Longtime fellow Topekan Kay Bradford says she thinks the holidays are celebrated different because men don’t want the bother.

"They just don't want to be in the forefront, and mothers of course they are the birth person so they deserve it,” Bradford laughed.

A group of women playing cards we spoke with suggested that women are simply more vocal about what gifts they would like,

"When it's coming up you let them know,” one woman said.

Gift giving website claims people are almost twice as likely to spend money for Mother's Day as compared to Father's Day.

"Dad's I think they're a little more practical maybe, which eliminates flowers, and a few other things like that,” Hurst said.

Most folks we spoke with suggested the gift giving process compared to mothers day’s is what makes all the difference.

"It is hard to shop for dad. Most men buy everything that they want, it kind of like well what are you going to get him that he doesn't already have” Owner of Heaven Scent Flowers & Gifts Brenda Wenrich said.

Wenrich has owned her shop in Topeka for 15 years, and can confirm Father’s Day doesn't bring in the big bucks Mother's Day does.

"I'm surprised by the statistic that only around 80 percent of people prefer to send something to mom rather than to dad, because our Father’s Day business is really just not what it should be,” Wenrich said.

The Mancrates study shows 65 percent of people who do buy gifts for dad purchase boring gifts like ties and belts.

This year, according to, gift cards are the number one gift to get dad for Father's Day.

So if you are still on the search for a gift, practical seems to be the way to go.

"I guess I'd rather have time with the kids, rather than the gift card, because grandkids are my favorite," Hurst said with a smile.

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