Investigators: OP apartment fire accident, sparked by welder

Firefighters battled a massive fire Monday at an apartment complex in Overland Park. (KCTV5)

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. (WIBW) - Investigators say a massive fire that destroyed two apartments buildings under construction in Overland Park and spread to 25 homes was an accident.

In a news conference Tuesday evening, KCTV reports investigators announced a welder set off the initial fire, accidentally igniting wood at the construction site.They say wind then aided its spread, raining embers up to ten blocks away.

KCTV also detailed the eight-alarm response, reporting more than 100 firefighters worked at the scene, using three million gallons of water.

Overland Park Police say they will continue to have a presence in the neighborhood through the night, KCTV reports. They ask anyone who does not live in the area to stay away.

Three firefighters were transported to the hospital Monday night, but all are listed in fair condition. Overland Park Fire Department spokesman Jason Rhodes says everyone has been accounted for and that it is "really fortunate" there were no significant injuries.