Icy roads mean big business for body shops

TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) -- The days after icy road conditions boost business for auto body shops.

Slippery road conditions can cause a wide range of damage to your vehicle increasing the amount of cars headed to the shop.

According to AAA, they responded to 325 calls for assistance throughout the state on Wednesday. Those calls included fender benders and slide offs.

"During the day it tends to pick up a little bit more, because people have to get home or they have to get to work,” Kory Rupp, General Manager at McAbee CARSTAR, said. “There's a lot of factors, but when snow and ice fall down it typically increases business."

Types of damage can range from bumpers to wheels and costs also vary. Rupp says they can average out at about $2,500.

"You can typically get a wheel for $100, $150 if you get one from a salvage yard,” Rupp said. “You can total an $80,000 car pretty quick too. It’s really all over the board just depends on the extent of the damage and the type of car."

The increased traffic of cars needing repairs can also increase how long you have to wait for your car to be fixed.

"We try to schedule the drivable vehicles a little bit further out so we can take the non-drive vehicles in and get to them in a more timely fashion,” Rupp said. “Unfortunately, it’s just this time of year all the body shops are going to get a little bit busy."

Rupp also said that the more technology that is coming standard in vehicles can also increase how expensive the body work can become if electronics need to be replaced.