Icy conditions mean a busy day for tow truck companies

TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) -- The icy conditions sparked slide-offs around the area which meant a busy day for towing services.

Towing companies like Brown's Super Service in Topeka know that when icy weather comes into town, they are going to have an increase in their workload.

"We can't respond any quicker than normal,” Keith Brown, Owner of Brown’s Super Service, said. “We have to account for the time, for travel and try not to slide in the ditch ourselves or into the curb."

Tow truck drivers take necessary precautions and account for cold temperatures when they go out on the road.

"Most of the guys have ice cleats and should wear those when they get out so they don't fall,” Brown said. “In general, everything just doesn't work properly in the ice. Everything kind of slides where it wants to go."

Brown says one of their trucks almost got into a collision with another vehicle Wednesday because of the ice.

He urges people to use caution while driving on the ice and give emergency crews and tow trucks enough room to do their job quickly and safely.

"The ice doesn’t look like it’s slick, but ‘it could be slick."

City crews will continue to treat the icy roads as long as ice continues to make its way onto the streets. They will be focusing on main roads.