"I Can Swim" helps kids with disabilities enjoy swimming

Published: Jul. 19, 2019 at 4:26 PM CDT
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Kids with disabilities got out of the heat and into the pool this week.

The Capper Foundation hosted their "I Can Swim" event this week.

The program taught kids how to swim through different activities. It also gave them the self-confidence and independence to move throughout the pool.

Jenny Stous, a speech and language pathologist for the foundation, said it's not a form of aquatic therapy, but a program to help the kids enjoy the water as a fun activity.

"Families need to be able to go together to enjoy the pools in the summer, enjoy the lake in the summer," Stous said. "I Can Swim is really working on really helping our kids to be more comfortable in the water, you know, whether its feet in, legs in, all the way up to our chest, or how to bob to safety when you get into water over your head."

This is the first I Can Swim.