Hutchinson mom says man tried to abduct daughter, two other kids

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HUTCHINSON, Kan. (KWCH) -- A Hutchinson mother says a man tried to take her daughter while she was walking home from Faris Elementary School Tuesday.

Shawna Mulford says her eight-year-old daughter was with her two cousins who are around the same age. The school district notified parents about what happened.

"He pulled up to them, asked them to get in the car. They said no, then he got out of the car and grabbed them," Mulford said.

Mulford says the three kids were only a couple blocks from home - and from school - when the older red and white truck pulled up.

"From what they told me, they were yelling 'help,' saying no. They were doing everything they should in that situation," she said.

Mulford says the kids got away because another woman pulled up and stepped in. The mother says the situation could have been worse, if the woman wouldn't have been there.

"It could have gone so much differently if she had not selflessly stepped in," she said.

Mulford says she called police when the kids told her what happened.

"Honestly, I moved to Hutchinson with the anticipation of safety," Mulford explained. "My kids could play in the yard by themselves and it was safe. Knowing they didn't even make it 200 feet from a school, in a small town, is really scary."

If you know anything, you are asked to call Hutchinson police.