Topeka anti-human trafficking group moves from investigation to action

Published: Aug. 7, 2019 at 7:27 PM CDT
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A Topeka organization revealed the results of a year-long investigation into human trafficking in the Capital City-area.

Freedom Now USA made its presentation Wednesday at the Safe Streets monthly meeting.

The coalition spent the past 12 months looking at human trafficking from the perspectives of more than 20 different sectors, like education, law enforcement, neighborhoods, businesses, and the faith community.

"This group of people have done something very unique and that is not say, 'Well I'm just going to do my thing. I'm going to share my understanding with other people and we are going to do this together.' So the big heavy lifting is coming," Topeka Rescue Mission Executive Director Barry Feaker said.

Morris, Nelson, and Associates compiled all the data into maps so they could try to spot any trends, and see how the areas link together.

The coalition will meet later this month to come up with an action plan to combat human trafficking issues.

As the discovery phase unfolded, Freedom Now USA has worked to educate the community on the signs of human trafficking through community presentations and workshops. You can find upcoming presentations and other resources at