Hubert brothers push each other to college football careers

Published: Oct. 20, 2019 at 10:56 PM CDT
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Two Saturday's in the fall find the Hubert brothers switching spots.

On Sept. 7, Austen is watching Wyatt play for Kansas State against Bowling Green. And on October 5, Wyatt is in the stands watching Austen play for Washburn against Missouri Western.

"That's the last time I'll watch him play football," Wyatt said of Austen, who's a senior wide receiver for the Ichabods.

And that's significant for the two. They've been football players together for a while now, dating back to their childhood and time at Shawnee Heights High School, where some brotherly one-on-one battles took place.

"I was always a lot bigger than he was," Wyatt Hubert, a sophomore defensive end for the Wildcats, said. "Once I got into high school, if I could chase him and catch him, I would usually win. But he's a scrappy guy, he's strong for his size."

"He's a big ol' teddy bear," Austen Hubert said. "He looks big and mean with all that hair and everything. But yeah, he's a softie."

The smaller, yet older brother in Austen claims to be the tougher troublemaker. All except for one time, when he figured out Wyatt wouldn't be a kicker after they were booting some balls in the backyard.

"He kicked the ball, it went wide right and it broke a window," Austen said with a laugh. "My mom comes running out and was yelling at me, 'Austen what did you do!' And that was one of the best days of my life. I was like aw yes, it finally wasn't me."

Maybe Austen didn't lead the way that time. But as the two grew up, him earning an opportunity to play college football at Washburn motivated Wyatt to go after the same thing.

"Once I saw him achieve that goal and go two years playing, I knew that he would always stick it out, no matter how hard it got," Wyatt Hubert said. "He always had a lot more success than I did. I just wanted to go out there and prove myself, that I can have that success as well just like he does."

The thing is, Austen never doubted Wyatt could do that.

"He was very well-organized," Austen Hubert said."He had charts set up for what to do. Anything that he did, he was 100% committed. I'm going to do this, I'm going to do it right and I'm going to do it with full effort. I think that's what really excelled him to be where he's at now."

That's a Wildcat team captain as just a sophomore, making Wyatt one of just eight players in program history to achieve that. He learned from another guy who's a captain for his squad this season: Austen.

"He was always the most mentally and physically tough person I ever played with," Wyatt Hubert said. "Any adversity that got in his way, he could handle it. Just me seeing that, from a young age until now, is something that always motivated me."

Collectively, their brotherly competition drove them to become leaders.

"We've just both always been tough, hard-nosed guys," Wyatt Hubert said.

"It's being tough on each other when the time comes, but also knowing when to be there for him," Austen Hubert said.

"That's just something that definitely drived us and fueled us to just be better every single day," Wyatt Hubert said.

As football players, their time together ends this season.

"It was just kind of a reality check for him and me, just to realize like dang, he's going into his last fall, his last football season ever," Wyatt Hubert said. "Me, having three years left at K-State, I'm definitely going to take advantage of those three years."

But as brothers, it lasts for a lifetime.

"It's just a bond that you really, I mean, I can't really describe it," Austen Hubert said.