Hoyt Good Kids work hard, so their classmates can play hard

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HOYT (WIBW) -- Students at Royal Valley raised over $15,000 in April for the Royal Valley Elementary PTO to purchase new playground equipment in the spring of 2020. All students were given a t-shirt and participated in a walk-a-thon on the RVHS track.

The students really enjoyed the fun, physical activity, and school spirit brought together through the walk-a-thon fundraiser. After it's purchased by the PTO members, the new equipment will replace wooden playground structure which is nearly 12 years old. The PTO is still deciding on the type of new equipment they will purchase, and they're looking to raise around 20 to 30 thousand dollars. The USD 337 District will contribute funds in support of this project as well.

Each of these students earned over $500.00 for our Playground Walk-a-thon Fundraiser Josie Shelton, Easton Shelton, J.B. Schribner, Emma Cloud, Seth Simpson, and Abby Brinkman. Emma Cloud and the Sheltons turned out to be the top money-raisers. Thanks to Noah Slay for the photos!

Students were driven to McDonald's for lunch and to Gage Park to play. Limo services were donated by Carlos Cortez, and his Cortez Transportation Company.