How to avoid hydroplaning during rainy weather

TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) - The rain may be off and on all day, but even if it stops for a bit, the water left on the roads can still cause major problems for your tires.

As what turned into a very soggy night began, 13 NEWS quickly receiving reports of multiple cars hydroplaning off the road. In the darkness of night, it's even more critical to drive with extra caution.

Hydroplaning is caused by a combination of standing water, car speed, and how well your vehicle has been maintained.

Staying safe

Even when there isn't much water on the ground, the tires can lose traction and, instead of gripping the road, slip across a thin plane of water. To avoid it:

  • Don't speed in the rain;
  • Make sure the tires are properly inflated. That will improve traction;
  • Be familiar with the road underneath that standing water.

As Shawnee Co. Emergency Management Director Dusty Nichols points out, unfamiliar roads can present dangerous situations.

"If you're not familiar with where you're traveling, you don't know what's underneath that water and it looks flat," he explained.

That water may be deeper than you think, he added. If you are unsure about the depth of the water on the road: Turn around; Don't Drown.