Small town came together to build the Border Bar and Grill

SUMMERFIELD, Kan. (WIBW) - The story of the Border Bar and Grill begins in downtown Summerfield on a quiet two-lane street at another restaurant, the Classic Cafe.

For years it was the staple meeting place in Summerfield - a small town hugging the southern Nebraska border.

But in 2013 on St. Patrick's Day a wind storm damaged the cafe building - forcing it to close its doors for good.

"Well they lost their one restaurant that was across the street," said Scott Frerking, the current business owner.

"Sad because that was our way of communicating with the community you know, and coffee break in the morning," said Deanna Weilage, a longtime Summerfield resident.

The town badly wanted a new restaurant - so they decided to build a new one themselves.

"Well I own the business, but i don't own the building or land. The community built the building, you know they raised money," Frerking said.

After a year of fundraising and a few generous donations - the concrete was poured.

Locals volunteered their time to construct the new restaurant.

“They all helped, no matter what it was whether it was building something, or laying something, they all worked together," Weilage said.

"Might've been a farmer or, you know, a mechanic, or whatever just come together and help build the building,” Frerking said.

With the last nail set, the duct work done, and the tables built by hand, Summerfield had its hangout back.

Years later - and the Border Bar and Grill is still cooking up a storm.

The good, hearty food is what keeps people coming back.

"I know some of the guys that sit at a certain table all the time they come over here for lunch and they said they didn't used to hang out a lot but they like to here," Frerking said.

People come from all over Kansas and even Nebraska - in numbers that still surprise Frerking.

"I was thinking small town, back in my day, I wasn't thinking we were gonna have that many people," he said.

"They keep coming."

The Summerfield community may have built this place - but its story goes much further than city and state lines.

"It's a nice lunch for a small town, you know," Frerking said.

The border bar and grill is continuing to grow. The owner says that's all thanks to the community that supports the business.