Homeowners oppose 33-house development near Sherwood Park

Published: Jan. 15, 2019 at 10:39 PM CST
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Some residents around Lake Sherwood are up in arms about a proposed 33-house expansion.

The proposed subdivision lies midway between southwest 21st and 29th streets, along the west side of Indian Hills Rd.

Neighbors say they expected the land to get developed but told city council members Tuesday night, it’s the wrong plan.

Sherwood Park homeowner Adam Proffitt says the plan proposed by William and Joyce Rowland and approved by the city planning commission is too much for a nine acre lot.

“It's more dense,” said Proffitt. “The lot sizes are much smaller and it connects at kind of a weird spot in the neighborhood."

Proffitt and other neighbors say Indian Hills Road could not handle the increased traffic that would come with more houses.

According to city documents, the road will be improved as part of the city’s ten year capital improvement plan but not for at least six years.

“Right now it's a very minor county road even though it’s owned by the city,” said Proffitt. “It's highly traversed and trafficked. We need it to have three lanes and sidewalks."

Also a concern, storm water drainage. The proposal moves the current detention pond to accommodate the new houses.

Project engineer Rick Schmidt with SVP says the current subdivision will be uphill from both the new pond and homes.

“That water will flow downstream into the pond that's already constructed down there at the end of miller's reserve.” Schmidt said.

The city hopes to plan a meeting between the council, developer and Sherwood Park homeowners.

"We just want it to be thoughtful development and intentional development and want what's consistent with the neighborhoods that are there right now,” Proffitt said.

There’s no word yet on when that meeting will take place.