Here are Topeka's top spots for wrecks

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) — The Topeka Police Dept. is providing an important heads up to the city's drivers.

On Tuesday, authorities released two lists of the top ten locations where accidents occurred last year.

The lists are divided between intersections and mid-block wrecks. Because of a lot of ties, each list is much longer than just ten spots.

Two of the locations where accidents happened were near the SW 21st St. and Wanamaker intersections, where major construction constricted traffic for much of the year.

Sergeant Gary Ludoph said these reports help TPD know where more enforcement needs to be done, but they take into consideration the construction in some of those areas.

"Whether it be just a visual deterrent, sitting somewhere where traffic can see them, maybe they'll pay more attention," Ludolph said. "The long construction period last year in that particular area caused a lot of issues."