Helping Hands Humane Society supporting Chiefs and helping pets get adopted

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) - A love of animals and Chiefs is colliding at Helping Hands Humane Society Saturday!

The animal shelter is supporting the Chiefs and helping their animals get adopted by lowering the fee of all cats, kittens and senior dogs to $15, the number of Patrick Mahome's jersey.

All other dogs are $115.

A lot is included in the fee. The animals are spayed and neutered and have their rabies shots and other vaccinations, depending on their age and all dogs are microchipped.

"We have a German Shepard named Chief. He's a little shy, but very sweet, very handsome and would make a great pet for somebody," said Emi Griess, the Communications Coordinator. "And we have Mahome's himself. We thought we should name a pet after Patrick since we're borrowing his number for tomorrow. Mahomes is a 2-year-old basset hound mix. He's a really unique looking dog. Fun, outgoing, he's a cool guy as well."

The shelter says they will have the playoff game on their T.V.'s so those looking for their perfect pet won't miss any of the action.