Helpful information for Monday's solar eclipse

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) - We are just six days away now from the solar eclipse, and we're getting lots of questions right now leading up to the astronomical event... Some like "How will animals react, and where do I go to make sure I get the right kind of viewing glasses?”

Here we've compiled answers to keep you in the know.

On Tuesday kids got a first-hand look at what effect the solar eclipse will have on animals...

The Topeka and Shawnee County library hosted a program for the kids to come in and collect data on whether animals’ attitudes will be changing this Monday.
Public Service Specialist Jackie Hurst said it’s important to actually gather more data because we don't actually have a lot.

“So I'm encouraging the kids to actually see what's going on around them. Is the temperature changing, are the animals acting different, are the birds singing, are they not singing, so it's a good way to get them excited,” Hurst said.

Coming along with the eclipse is an influx of tourists trying to get a glimpse of the 99% totality in our area, which means hotels are packed.

Hotels in the area around Atchison, Horton, Hiawatha and Marysville are full. We surveyed hotels near WIBW Television and only one had some rooms left, most saying they filled up late last week.
But there are still a few rooms available still at the newly renovated candlewood suites right off I-70.

“We have 13 rooms left for the eclipse, so come see us, we're going to do something fun and exciting for the eclipse so come see us,” said sales manager Tammy Bates.

Bates said if you plan to reserve a room you better do it soon, because they are going fast.

Meanwhile many Northeast Kansans are still search for eclipse glasses.

Brenda Culbertson is a NASA J.P.L. Ambassador. She was at Lazio's coffee handing out NASA-certified glasses because she says many on the market are unsafe.

"The North American continent is the only place in the world to go for this particular eclipse and it does cross the whole country so it is big for North America, United States, especially the cities and towns who cross the line of totality,” Culbertson said.

To ensure your glasses are safe you can check the filter on the inside of your’re looking for ISO 12312-2, which is the standard rating for approved lenses to look at the sun safely.

You can check places to buy eclipse glasses and if yours are safe here