Silver Lake's C.J. Hamilton isn't leaving: "I'm still the head football coach"

Published: Aug. 12, 2016 at 3:48 PM CDT
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The Silver Lake sideline will look just like it has the last 40 years. C.J. Hamilton will be the head coach once again, which wasn't a certainty 24 hours ago.

"I am still the head football coach," Hamilton told 13 NEWS Friday afternoon.

The Silver Lake Board of Education held another special meeting Friday evening and accepted three new coaching hires. Nick Hamilton will move from junior high to high school, Travis Hamilton will be on the high school staff as well, and Chris White will be at the junior high.

"This was something that we should have probably done a year ago, two years ago, knowing that we had an aging football staff," Silver Lake Board of Education president Randy Matzke said.

The Board, after nearly an hour-long executive session Wednesday night, did not take further action in hiring a new assistant coach.

The Board's inaction on Wednesday, just days before the 2016 football season begins, led to C.J. submitting his resignation letter Thursday morning.

"You don't have confidence enough in me and my administrators to handle this situation," C.J. said.

"It was a good wake up call for us," Matzke said.

Thursday night's Board of Education meeting did not have a vote scheduled on the meeting agenda, therefore could not make a decision on the matter.

C.J. has coached the Eagles to eight state championships and 390 wins.