H&I and Start TV now live on channels 13.3 & 13.4

WIBW-TV's viewers now have two new channels to choose from.

As of 10 a.m., H&I and Start TV went live at 10 a.m. for everyone who receives WIBW-TV over-the-air. Filled with classic TV shows, including all of the classic Star Treks, you can find them on our 13.3 and 13.4 channels.

Check out the TV schedule here

You may need to re-scan your TVs to see them.

H&I will bring compelling drama, action, and adventure to life.On weekdays you can strap in for a different contemporary, dramatic TV series each day. Then, Sunday through Friday nights, you can boldly go where no network has gone before with "All Star Trek," featuring each original live action "Star Trek" TV series.

Start TV showcases strong and resourceful female leading characters in a lineup of contemporary and proven procedural dramas. Each lead character and series embody a boldness and determination to “Start” leading the way, seeking the truth, solving the crime and defending the innocent.