Group brings awareness to traumatic brain injuries at Statehouse

Published: Mar. 21, 2018 at 4:32 PM CDT
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Kansas legislatures ate pie and learned about traumatic brain injuries at the Statehouse Wednesday.

The Brain Injury Association of Kansas and Greater Kansas City hosted Brain Injury Awareness Day. March is Brain Injury Awareness Month.

They educated lawmakers and visitors on what is is like to live with a brain injury, something that effects thousands of Kansans every year.

"Every nine seconds, somebody in the United States sustains a traumatic brain injury and the cost to society succeeds over $76.5 billion," said Robin Abramowitz, the Executive Director of the Brain Association of Kansas. "We know that in Kansas, over 21,000 Kansans sustain a traumatic brain injury each year and that are only for people that are reporting brain injuries."

Advocates also stress concussions are considered a brain injury and need medical attention.