Grandmother fights to keep a promise to find justice for Kianna Hodge

TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW)-- Regena Johnson made a promise to her granddaughter to keep her memory alive and to find justice.

"I told her it was okay, she could go," Johnson said. "I will take care of everything for her."

Kianna Hodge was killed as a result of gun violence in March. After finding that Kianna had been hit, her friends drove into a nearby Reser's parking lot in a last attempt to save her life.

Since that evening, Regena Johnson has been searching for answers, not only from the Topeka Police Department, but also, from her community.

Not long after Kianna's death, the family heard theories that she was linked to gang activity. Johnson says that those rumors are false.

"Kianna had dreams and goals," she said. "She hung out with friends that she maybe should have not chosen, but she had no gang relations, no activity. She just wanted to graduate, get her GED, and go to beauty school."

Johnson added that she was frustrated the case seemed to hit a standstill for several months with the Topeka Police Department.

In a statement, Topeka Police said:

"Reassignments in personnel have been made recently- there is a fresh perspective in both Commander and Detective for Ms. Hodges case. There is information coming in for her case and strong leads being followed by Criminal Investigations."

Johnson keeps her granddaughter's name in the public through social media. She urges anyone who saw anything that night, to come forward.

"Whoever this is, is probably going to shoot again," Johnson said. "We need to get him off the streets, and we need to give justice to Kianna."

Until then, Johnson said her family will cherish their memories.

"Shes resting in heaven, but she's not resting in peace. We need to give her that."

Anyone with information is asked to call Topeka Police or Crimestoppers at 235-0007.