Gov. Laura Kelly discusses recovery efforts with President Trump

WASHINGTON DC, (WIBW) -- Governor Laura Kelly stepped up the state's move to phase two of reopening to this Friday, rather than June 1.

She talked about the state's recovery efforts Wednesday afternoon in a white house meeting with President Trump.

Republican governor Asa Hutchinson of Arkansas also took part in the meeting. The governor complimented Kelly for her leadership, and both shared how they cooperated in responding to COVID clusters around the state's meat-packing plants.

“I have to say your representatives and my representatives really worked well together,” President Trump said. “They did a good job together.”

“And I want to give a little shout out to Senator Pat Roberts, who I think was instrumental in really elevating our cry for help,” Gov. Kelly responded.

“Laura, I know she will speak her mind and so will some of the others and if she was unhappy she be letting you know it,” President Trump said.”

Gov. Kelly also planned to make the case for federal help for state and local governments to meet expenses while the economy recovers.