Gov. Kelly and Dr. Norman confirmed Kansas COVID-19 cases on the rise, may not mean increase in positive percent
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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) -- Kansas has 8,958 positive cases of COVID-19 currently, showing an increase of 416 cases since Wednesday.

Dr. Lee Norman reported 99 clusters, half of which he says are active. The cluster count as of now reads 3 in corrections, 10 in gatherings, 7 in group living, 3 in healthcare, 32 in long-term care, 10 in meatpacking and 40 in private industry.

While testing continues to increase Dr. Norman assures Kansans that the positive percentage of cases is falling. When the Kansas Department of Health and Environment looks at the increasing amount of tests what they look for is the positive percentage instead of just an increase of cases.

Dr. Norman also wants to remind Kansans that the virus is not gone as the Memorial Day weekend approaches. Shawnee County saw its highest case count this week meaning that the virus is not gone. Kansans should exercise caution and remain vigilant.

Dr. Norman and Governor Laura Kelly also assure residents with the activities happening in the State House last night that the process of preventing the virus from spreading is not a political one, instead it serves to ensure that Kansans get back to work quickly and safely.

Governor Kelly also commented on the actions in the State House last night saying they were unfair to voters and other government officials.

She went on to say that although she works her hardest to ensure Kansans are able to get back on their feet, the legislative process is imperfect and requires residents to save a little room for grace for elected officials.

Governor Kelly has also said that she hopes the missteps that happened will not deter Kansans from trusting their elected officials.

While honoring Kansas veterans this upcoming weekend, she also wanted to remind Kansans that there still is no cure for the virus and safety precautions and social distancing should still be maintained.