Gov. Kelly joins Perry Lecompton students to honor veterans

Published: Nov. 11, 2019 at 3:58 PM CST
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Perry Lecompton students honored local veterans Monday morning with Gov. Laura Kelly.

Students waved their American flags and cheered as the veterans made their way inside the high school's gym for their annual Veterans Day assembly.

"They're the building block of this country," PLHS student Calvin McPherson said. "Without them, there's not a high school here, there's not the local businesses, there's not the sports teams playing this Friday."

The crowd heard from several speakers including Gov. Laura Kelly. She also took time to speak with many of the veterans.

Beyond the ceremony, the assembly helps bridge the gap between veterans and young civilians.

"I think there's a growing disconnect between our civilian sector and those serving in the military," said retired Air Force Col. Jarrod Frantz, a PLHS alum who spoke at the event.

"Most of us go about our day-to-day lives and we take that for granted, and we worry about some of the more trivial things, and we forget what allows us to have that prosperous life and our freedom. It's our folks serving that are ready to lay down their lives to protect that freedom."

McPherson said the message was well received for him.

"It was humbling to see all those guys, all their journeys, and how hard they've worked in their life to get to where they are. It meant a lot," he said.

The ceremony included a video titled, "Thank you, veterans," and students recognized the importance of honoring those who served.

The high school band also performed at the assembly. The posting and retiring of the colors was done by Boy Scout troops 88 and 89.