Gov. Kelly defends her tax reform council

Gov. Laura Kelly (WIBW)
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TOPEKA (WIBW)--- Gov. Laura Kelly is defending her new council on tax reform.

The governor issued an executive order earlier this week, creating what she called a bi-partisan group with a variety of expertise.

She says they'll do an 18-month study of tax policy, looking at changes to make the state's tax system fair, equitable and sustainable for all Kansans.

Opponents say the council reflects Kelly's own views, and will lead to higher taxes to support more government spending.

Kelly says that's not true.

"I expect that kind of backlash from certain groups, but no that's not the intent at all," Kelly said. "I presented a balanced a budget this past session all without increasing taxes. We were able to put some back into our roads, we were able to rebuild our foster care system and we did that all without the hint of a tax increase."

The council's first meeting is September 24 and 25 at the Statehouse.