Good Samaritan rescues caged, starved pit bull from Wichita dumpster

(Photo Courtesy: The Wichita Animal Action League)

WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) -- A Good Samaritan rescued a dog in southeast Wichita on Wednesday night.

The Wichita Animal Action League (WAAL) said the starving animal was found inside a locked in a kennel that was in a dumpster at the Ashley Lane Apartments near Oliver and Pawnee in Wichita.

Sarah Coffman, the founder of WAAL, said a previous adopter was taking out the trash in her complex when she looked inside the dumpster and found the dog inside the wire kennel.

Coffman said the woman climbed in the dumpster to get the kennel out and rushed the dog to the Veterinary Emergency and Specialty Hospital where he tested negative for parvo. His blood panel was also good and his organs fully functioning.

"He is severely malnutritioned," said Brock Lofgreen, the managing director of the veterinary hospital, "and so to just feed him a bag of food would not be the right thing to do, we have to kind of take his calories up slowly so we don't shock his system."

Lofgreen said Bowie, named after the singer, David, weighed about 20 pounds when he was found, but they believe he's at least a couple of years old. The male pit bull mix also had ulcers on his back from being too skinny and sitting on his bones. They'll be treated with lasers.

Coffman said it be discouraging working daily to make sure dogs like Bowie have a better life - but the outcome is what keeps everyone going.

She said Bowie is a sweet dog and doing well medically. Now, her goal is to have him adoptable in six months and in someone's home where he never has to be hungry or scared again.

"He's very submissive and he's very what we call hand shy, so any fast movements he kind of reacts like he's worried that he's going to be hit or he's used to being hit like that so my hope is that when he recovers he realizes that he's safe and he gets to just be a dog and he doesn't have to worry that someone is going to be mean to him," said Coffman.

Wichita Animal Control says surveillance video obtained Thursday shows two suspects putting Bowie in the dumpster around 7:15 p.m. Wednesday. Investigators are following up on information gleaned from the video.

Anyone interested in donating to his vet expenses can click here.