Good Kids continues the search for great 2020 yearbook photos

Published: May. 19, 2020 at 10:42 PM CDT
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Are students still receiving yearbooks this abbreviated school year? 13's Ralph Hipp is touting some Good Kids pictures that would make great yearbook material. Like Nathan McAllister's students who took on the project on researching and writing up a bill proposal -- House Bill 2477 -- making Election Days in Kansas a holiday. Nathan writes:

"In the spring of 2019, the members of the Civic Engagement Club were discussing ways to increase voter turnout, as part of our club's mandate. Committee member Forrest Brungardt suggested making Election Day a holiday. After passing one bill, in 2018, we decided to attempt another and making election day holiday has become a popular idea. We decided to research and write our own bill to designate general election day a holiday in Kansas. With the assistance of the Revisor of Statutes office we had our bill written and ready for introduction, however, we had missed the turn around date and had to wait for this school year.

"With our bill completed our bill was introduced to the Federal and State Affairs Committee. We were notified of the hearing date and the students began preparing their testimony. The day came and our testimony was presented to the committee in the old Supreme Court chambers. Unfortunately, the committee has not recommended the bill out of committee as much business in the legislature has ground to a halt due the current pandemic. We are hopeful for another chance this coming school year."

Don't give up! Hope to report on this idea again in 2021. Pictured in the group shot are Eva Noble, Ahmni Pang-Johnson, Forrest Brungardt, and Kevinh Nguyen.

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